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We recieved award- Happy Pros•Happy Company


“This is our honour to receive “Happiness-at-work Promotional Scheme 2021” “

This is our honour to receive “Happiness-at-work Promotional Scheme 2021”, to become one of the happy companies of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association.

Cashing Pro has been working hard to develop caring and created a happy, harmonious and trustworthy working environment. We offer comprehensive benefits and different activities. For example, providing training opportunities, holding birthday parties, company dinners and various leisure activities. Let our PROs have more opportunities to develop their careers and communicate with others.

We believe that treating our employees well also enhances our services. Winning the “Happiness-at-work Promotional Scheme 2021” award is another big step towards our goal. We believe that happy employees make the company grow, and it is one of our responsibilities to make our PROs work in a happy environment.