TVB Raceday 2023- Contributed to Charity

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TVB Raceday 2023


“TVB Raceday 2023- Contributed to Charity”

Cashing Pro has been invited to participate in TVB Raceday 2023 held by TVB on February 19, 2023. In this event, we felt that TVB and the Jockey Club bought us a series of exciting horse races and various activities, allowing the audience to experience the lively atmosphere of the Sha Tin Jockey Club.

To contribute to charity, TVB General Manage-Mr Eric Tsang, together with Miss Hong Kong 2022 and around 30 more artists attended TVB Raceday 2023. We are so honoured to join this event and have a wonderful lunch and afternoon-tea.

Horse racing is an activity that can condense everyone’s dedication and hard work. We experience the cheers of the audience and passion between jockeys and horses racing on the field. After the racing, the chairman of TVB presented the “TVB Cup” trophy to the owner of “Running Glory”.